Focus on Professional Groups

Bluepeak IT Solutions is focused on addressing the specialised needs of highly skilled professionals.

We familiarise ourselves with our clients’ business processes and core software systems and liaise with the software vendors to resolve issues and provide advice to our clients.

We also provide general IT support and services tailored to the professional needs of our clients.

Success Area

One area where we have had significant success is in the medical field. We understand the requirements of medical practices from a business and regulatory point of view.

We know how crucial IT systems are to the effective operations of the practice and have a good understanding of the various practice management and clinical systems as well as the other utility systems providing secure electronic communications (e.g. pathology, radiology and messaging) to and from the practice.

We are familiar with many systems used by Specialists and General Practitioners.

We have a good working relationship with most providers of medical software systems covering these areas.

Professional Practices

IT Services in Medical Field

Bluepeak IT Solutions has extensive experience in installing high quality but cost effective computer systems (hardware and software) and equipment optimised for use in professional practices.

We install first class backup and recovery systems ensuring that your precious data is completely safe and easily recoverable.

In addition, our system assurance methodology ensures that you will have minimal down time and, under the right circumstances, can have you up and running within hours of a system disaster.

Client relationship

Client Relationships

We at Bluepeak IT Solutions believe in forming a productive two-way relationship between ourselves and our clients.

We believe in empowering our client’s staff by teaching them basic computer management skills to minimise the business reliance on external service providers for simple tasks.

We believe in making client staff more self-sufficient by transferring knowledge as systems and applications are installed. We can help with training and the development of office procedures to aid this process.

As part of this empowerment of staff, we ensure that all key systems configuration and security information (eg server passwords) is held by the Office Manager.

Of course, we strongly recommend that critical and delicate core systems should always be maintained by one of our experienced professionals.