IT Solutions

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Technical Services & Support

We can look after your computer network, servers, workstations and other hardware as well as your business software applications. We can also supply you with new hardware and software to suit your business needs. Our services include:

Networking & data communications, Wired and wireless network design and implementation, Site to site wide area networking, Remote user access and mobile office workspace, Network security and encryption, Voice over IP, File and email server installation, configuration and maintenance, Remote assistance


Information Security & Disaster Recovery

You may have a backup of your critical data but what happens in the event of a major system disaster when it comes time to rebuild what was lost?

As time is critical, we can provide a complete recovery solution from basic procedures to standby hardware to minimise costly downtime. We can help you to keep your business network secure from intrusion.


Business Software Solutions & Services

We can assist with the research, implementation and troubleshooting of general and business-specific software products.

Also, when the market doesn't provide you with what you require, we can develop custom databases, application software, Internet and Intranet websites to meet your exact business needs and help you gain an advantage over your competitors.