IT Services Overview

Our Commitment

Bluepeak IT Solutions is focused on providing cost effective quality services to its clients.

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with you as we firmly believe that only by fully understanding your business needs can we provide the highest level of service possible.

Our Approach

We have a holistic approach to service and will only recommend solutions that are in your best interest. We strive to ensure that our dealings with you are always professional, ethical and congenial.

IT in Today's Business

Most businesses today rely heavily on computer technology. Your IT investment may consist of a single PC connected to the internet or a multi-site network with distributed file, database and application servers in addition to a workforce of roaming users.

Either way its performance can seriously affect the operation and effectiveness of your business.

Put your I.T. issues in our hands

"Having worked in the corporate world, local organisations and in our own business, we understand the I.T. issues that are faced by all businesses from single operator or home office operations to those with complex and diverse needs like a university.

This simply means we have the ability to help you in a manner that is appropriate for your business, making it as simple and user friendly as possible."

- Carlo Bertoldi

IT questions

Ask yourself these questions

  • Are your computer programs the most appropriate for your business?
  • Is your sensitive business and client information protected from unauthorized access?
  • Is your business and client data protected from accidental loss, theft, hardware failure or corruption?
  • Do your staff know how to effectively manage email traffic?Wanted and unwanted?
  • Do you have programs specifically designed and optimized for your business needs?
  • Do you have the best protection possible against viruses and spyware in addition to a recovery plan in the event of total system failure?
  • Is your IT infrastructure the most efficient and cost effective for your business?
  • Are you sure you're getting the level of computer support your business requires?
  • Does your team know how to get the most out of your system?

If you answered NO to any of these questions your business would benefit from a meeting with us.

We can quickly identify the I.T. components of your business that may be affecting its security, efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. We can then work with you on solutions to help you operate at your peak.